Vocal yoga instituteVocal yoga Institute - Clare Fanning, Auroville


 Vocal Yoga Founder, Clare Fanning, was born in New York City, and comes from a varied life-work experience. She has integrated inner vocal knowledge and yoga as, Vocal Yoga VY®. Clare comes from distinct schools of practice. From 1970 to present she has practiced the Sri Aurobindo's ‘Integral Yoga’. Clare also grew-up in a New York Broadway family of actresses, directors and producers (Perry’s) where the well placed and healthy voice is critical and decided early to one day study under the best teacher.

Clare then went to study voice in Nice, France under the Maestro Kurt Wronke-Marion -1975-78 for nearly 2,000 hours. He appointed her Master to teach voice which she did seven years in Strasbourg, France. She lives it the International Township of Auroville, India, where she has spent over 17 years and now develops Vocal Yoga and other philanthropic works.  

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